Not Today, Old Friend

by Eat Defeat



Not today, old friend,
I'm trying to pretend that everything's just fine, and i'm not just wasting my time
But i can't have this conversation for the fifteen hundredth time, if i don't meet your expectations maybe they're set up too high
Because i'm great, and you're such a state.
I'm done being miserable, i can't sit around and wait
Because i've been there, i've given that blank stare.
I've told the world i'm doing fine, when i'm as good as dead behind the eyes.
It's alright to not be alright.

I'm waking up tomorrow, i'm not giving up now I'll take all my sorrows to bed with me.
Not sure what'll make me happy.

But i'll figure it out.
Live out loud through the cloud of self doubt.
Try and shout when there's something to shout about.
Try and weather the storm, it'll pass.
Light a match and just hope that it lasts.

Because i've been there, i've given that blank stare, but i refuse to build a wall around myself so watch it fall.
And if you ever need my help you know i'm here with outstretched arms, a helping hand, an open door, a front room floor.

I think we'll be ok.


released July 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Eat Defeat Leeds, UK

Harmonious pop punk from Leeds, UK.

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